Clinic of Traditional Medicine "Bodhi» – it is a harmonious combination of the centuries-old heritage of oriental medicine and the best achievements of modern technologies.

Traditional oriental medicine examines the human body, as a whole, helps in disease prevention, reduces the manifestations of chronic diseases and, Consequently, improves the quality of human life in general.

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One of the main methods of oriental reflexology, it is part of a centuries-old philosophy, reflecting internal and external interactions, related to the human body.

Bioactive points of the body are linked to the internal organs. The doctor acts with thin needles or pressure on biologically active points, which are on our body.

The indications for this method of treatment are very wide.. For diseases of the spine and joints, of cardio-vascular system, lungs, kidney acupuncture is one of the main methods, leading to recovery, and in combination with Tibetan herbal preparations it gives an even more guaranteed result.

It is one of the oldest treatments in Tibetan medicine., which is also called moxibustion. Despite the name, this procedure is absolutely painless and safe.

The method is based on the effect of heat on the bioactive points of the body using special cigars (mox), which are made of wormwood, coal or some other natural materials.

According to modern research, the use of this method not only strengthens the immune system, but also optimizes the work of all organs and systems. Moxibustion is especially effective for diabetes and inflammation in the small pelvis, fat and prostate. Also effective in the treatment of insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome, shoulder pain, neck, lower back, menstrual ailments.

There are no contraindications to moxibustion, since the main feature of Tibetan medicine is the absence of interference with the work of healthy organs and systems. The entire effect is reduced exclusively to a bioactive point on the skin surface.

It is part of the practice of traditional Tibetan medicine, which was used by the doctors of ancient Tibet, its history includes 3900 years of practical experience of great masters and doctors.

Ku literally means to cover or lubricate the body with therapeutic oils, which are absorbed into the skin and nourish the body, and "Nye" means "pressure", the "massage" itself. Ku-Nye techniques involve more than just muscles and tendons, but also with energy points and meridians.

Massage removes toxins from the body, the level of vital energy rises, relieves muscle and nervous pain. Ku-Nye massage is good for soothing nervous disorders, including insomnia, depression and anxiety. The Ku-Nye technique is still used by Buddhist monks and Lamas to maintain their spiritual and physical health..

As the medical practice of oriental medicine says, human skin is the "gateway" of any disease, and the body is considered as a single system of 3 life principles (constitutions) - Slime, Bile and Wind, which are responsible for all biological, physiological and psychological functions of the body, mind and consciousness, therefore the "indignation" of one of the constitutions, threatens with the appearance of ailments.

The doctor's task is to activate the necessary centers of point impact, influence on sealing zones, foci and edema.

Benefits of deep acupressure:

  • stimulation of unimpeded passage of nerve impulses, which has a beneficial effect on the work of organs and neutralizes psychological manifestations;
  • activation of metabolic processes, by enhancing cell nutrition;
  • stimulation of energy flow, improving blood circulation and lymph flow;
  • elimination of stagnation of venous blood, removal of puffiness;
  • improvement of visual and auditory processes, sharpening of hearing, touch, taste, smell;
  • elimination of stagnation - organs get rid of "blocks", restores joint mobility;
  • relief of acute pain sensations occurs in one session, and a massage course will allow you to consolidate the result for a long time.

This is a massage, whose origins lie in the ancient treatises of oriental medicine, based on the experience of hundreds of generations of people, accustomed to living in harmony with nature and who know how to take all the best from it.

Stone therapy is done with smooth hot (basalt) stones using acupressure. The use of hot and cold stones is currently the most effective addition to the art of massage..

According to numerous studies, stone therapy stimulates the energy centers of the body, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, helps to normalize blood pressure, relieves muscle and headaches, psychological stress, allows you to solve problems with digestion, insomnia.

Regular stone therapy sessions help the body adapt to changing external conditions, improve general and local blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, help people to heal physically, energetically and spiritually.

It is a revitalized healing and healing practice, used in antiquity by different peoples, including northern.

The aroma barrel harmoniously combines several healing factors, complementary and potentiating each other.

  1. The barrel itself. It is made of cedar. Cedar is the "strongest" tree of the Siberian taiga, having a powerful energy, able in itself to have a beneficial effect on the human body.
  2. Steam. But, non-scalding steam, but strictly dosed according to your needs. Steam from a decoction of medicinal herbs, saturated with essential oils. Same, it is a delivery vehicle for any other therapeutic principles, somehow - honey, propolis, mummy, preparations of antlers, any balms and infusions, etc.. d.
  3. Comfort temperature. Selected individually. What matters is, that the head is in the "fresh" air. The meninges are not heated, therefore, the time spent in the barrel is limited only by the desire and fitness of the cardiovascular system. Warming up of fabrics is long and uniform. All processes are powerfully activated, flowing in body tissues. It is possible, because, unlike steam rooms and saunas, air, which the recipient breathes, oxygenated. It is oxygen that ensures the usefulness of all chemical reactions., flowing in our body.
  4. Herbs - any. Freshly cut and specially harvested. General fees and separately taken, selected at will and indications. From herbalists or official pharmacy fees.
  5. Essential oils. Medicine began with them. Powerful natural bioregulators of all processes of human life. Vital. Deficit, which in the current habitat of a metropolitan inhabitant leads to an imbalance of organs and systems, is the cause of the loss of protective forces, failure of the immune system. In addition to the general effect on the body, essential oils can "work" with specific organs, competing, and sometimes even surpassing chemotherapy drugs in efficiency.
  6. Honey, propolis, preparations of antlers, etc.. d. No limits. The effectiveness of their application is largely due to the fact, that they are administered transdermally, thereby, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract.

They say: "The barrel is the third kidney". We live in a state of autotoxicosis. Our natural cleaning systems can't handle that amount of chemistry, which we get with food, drinks, care products, from the air saturated with exhaust gases from cars and industrial emissions. The situation is aggravated by the, that the main tissue cleaning system is lymphatic drainage, works fully only in conditions of high physical activity, and even regular fitness classes are not able to correct the situation.

Barrel, in addition to activating chemical processes, it has a positive effect on lymphatic drainage, multiplying it, as well as blood circulation, especially on microcirculation. Reducing peripheral resistance has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system., blood pressure stabilizes, etc.. d. There is no system or organ, which will not respond with positive changes to the harmonizing effect of the procedures in the AROMAPHYTOBOCHK. And also, barrel great beautician. After all, the purification processes, Firstly, affect the skin and subcutaneous tissue. After the treatment with essential oils and honey, the skin becomes soft and velvety.. The barrel also occupies a worthy place among the means of fighting cellulite.

AND, finally, it is an extraordinary and comfortable procedure, carrying a huge positive emotional charge.

Contraindications to "sitting" in a barrel are the most minimal - acute inflammatory diseases, feverish conditions, three months after acute myocardial infarction or stroke, overt oncology.


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